The emergence of the nanobiotechnology industry

Our team comprising of Prof. Elicia Maine,  Associate Professor and Academic Director Management of Technology MBA, Beedie School of Business; Dr. V. J. Thomas, Beedie School of Business Postdoctoral Fellow and a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi; Dr. Martin Bliemel, Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales; Armstrong Murira; and Jim Utterback, David J. McGrath jr. (1959) Professor of Management and Innovation at MIT has recently published a paper “The emergence of the nanobiotechnology industry” in the January 2014 issue of Nature Nanotechnology, a journal that has an impact factor of 31.

Gathering data on firms with both biotechnology and nanotechnology capabilities across the globe, we track the emergence and evolution of this rapidly growing industry.

“We have watched the ecosystem emerge in terms of the number and type of firms entering the industry,” said Maine. “This confluence of technologies in the emerging nanobiotechnology sector is enabling radical innovation, new products and connections that didn’t exist before. Some of the things we’re talking about are effectively targeted drug delivery, nano-scale tissue engineering, enhanced medical diagnostics, and enabling new therapeutics.”


Ideas @ Beedie Article


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